There's always a choice. We choose to quietly help. Because we can. Because we're needed. Join us. Because you can. Because you're needed. Because you can choose to quietly help bring ease and comfort, smiles and laughter, and healing and love to people battling cancer and other diseases.

Get in touch at: daniel at quietlyhelping dot org or @quietlyhelping

How did all this start?

Two separate occurrences. Many years ago a friend lost his wife to cancer after a courageous battle. Years later a coworker uproots his family from one coast to another to care for a loved one. Another friend spends a year going through breast cancer related trauma before, "at least for the moment" (her words) she's pronounced cancer free. My wife (and therefore I) have had a few scares in the last few years. Another friend had a rare childhood cancer though she is not a child (although she is quite rare and special). She has a 5 year old child of her own though, and has battled through a year (!!) of chemo and stuff.

Sadly I could continue.

But the idea is still there. To build simple tools that join communities together painlessly for as long they're needed. To help support the folks who are making a difference directly in patient's lives, and to raise money to kill the disease, and support the families in their battles.

We are not the goal, or the focus, or really anything at all...just people who want to help. And we are quietly helping.